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iMind approach

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25 Feb 12
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The iMind solution framework is built on the following layers in each organization: strategy, process and resources. 

We use the same improvement approach for all our solutions to deliver quality:

  • Listen: we listen to our customers to fully understand their needs. Together with our customers, we define the improvement effort and targeted results.
  • Assess: by assessing the customer's current situation, we better understand what to optimize and how to achieve this improvement.
  • Optimise: we optimize the current situation and define the future situation.
  • Design & Realize: we design and realize the future situation.
  • Execute & Monitor: we take proud to not only deliver a solution, but we also assist in executing and monitoring after the solution has been installed. iMind takes this step seriously as this proves our ability to focus on results.

This approach is valued by our customers and used for all iMind solutions.



Have difficulty in delivering your products or services on time? Do you experience high and fluctuating stock levels? Do you experience bottlenecks in your processes? Are you aware of the costs that are not contributing to your services or products?


Information Management

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24 Apr 11
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Information is power! But what is information and why would we need it?


Management Solutions

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03 Jun 11
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We offer the following management solutions:

  • Business Process Management
  • Lean Management
  • Information Management
  • Change Management