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Knowledge Solutions

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04 Mar 12
Written by Super User

Do you sometimes wonder why newly introduced solutions in your organization are barely used by users? As part of change management, building up knowledge of people with regard to ways of working, tool usage and specific disciplines is critical in the acceptance of newly introduced solutions.

We help in training your people by offering following solutions:

  • Training and coaching: we train and coach people in the management disciplines we offer
  • eLearning: we have capabilities to turn training courses in eLearning modules, providing significant advantages in training many people


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26 Feb 12
Written by Super User

eLearning is not just computer based training. eLearning is more than interactive learning. Using configurable modules, each eLearning training can be customized to the customer's needs. eLearning provides control over the learning process of each participant.

iMind offers an eLearning platform where customer's can, as an option, control the creation of their eLearning modules or use one of the already available eLearning modules.

If you are interested in eLearning training, please contact us for more information.


Training & Coaching

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26 Feb 12
Written by Super User

iMind offers training and coaching for the following disciplines:

  • Business Process Managemet and Lean
  • Information Management
  • Change Management
Training can be provided on-site or in one of our training facilities.
We also provide on the job coaching to increase people's efficiency and effectiveness in their jobs.