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Client: Honda Europe nv
Industry: Automotive
Project: Improvement of Procurement Processes 

Business challenge: 

The procurement department faces challenges in terms of costs and efficiency. To be able to handle these challenges, Honda Europe Spare Parts Division initiated an internal improvement program for Pan-European Procurement activities.

How iMind helped:

iMind contributed to the improvement of the procurement processes for the European Honda Procurement Centers by assessing the current situation and provide improvement efforts for the following:
- procurement processes
- pan-european procurement organisation
- procurement information
- IT-resources 


Honda has lead several projects at Honda Europe nv and other European Subsidiaries like Honda Motor Europe Ltd., Honda Accessories Europe nv, European Engine Center nv. 

Project were situated in the following business domains:

- Supply Chain Management of complete build units (automobiles and motorcycles)
- Spare Parts Procurement
- Point-of-sale 
- ... 


iMind successfully lead a top-10 program the Enterprise Business Unit of Belgium's leading mobile operator.

The program consisted of projects in the company's mobile data service range, covering sales increase, knowledge/content improvement and management, order management, OTA improvements, support improvements, management reporting, and product positioning. The program has also created the strategic mobile data services roadmap.

iMind's responsibilities were to manage the program end-to-end and assure delivery of the several projects. 


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