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Information Management at Distribution Network Operator

Information Management at Distribution Network Operator

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26 Feb 12
Written by Super User

Client: Leading electricity Distribution Network Operator in Flanders, Belgium.
Industry: Utilities
Project: Implementation of information management 

Business challenge: 

Like most organizations, the leading distribution network operator in Flanders faces an overflow in information. To be able to organize and use this information to gain powerful insights, a sound approach is required. Information management structures and simplifies this information to make it usable for important decisions. 

How iMind helped:

iMind assisted in the implementation of information management at Flander's (Belgium) leading Distribution Network Operator. iMind contributed to the following:

- Introduction of an Enterprise Information Model for Asset Management, Financial Management and Operations.
- Leading information workshops to simplify the information landscape.
- Awareness, training and coaching of Business Information Analysts and Information Architects.