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Client: Leading electricity Distribution Network Operator in Flanders, Belgium.
Industry: Utilities
Project: Business analysis supporting the tender process for BI presentation tools 

Business challenge: 

As part of a BI roadmap, presentation tools are an important aspect of the BI-stack, requiring solutions ranging from management reporting, advanced analytical processing to discovery and performance management. Challenging as this effort was, the goal was to implement a suite of tools that support common business functions in Business Intelligence. 

How iMind helped:

iMind contributed to the following:

- Facilitating workshops to capture business requirements for BI presentation tools.
- Translating business requirements into a public European tender.


Client: Leading electricity and gas Distribution Network Operator in Flanders, Belgium.
Industry: Utilities
Project: Integration Distribution Management with Asset Management 

Business challenge: 

Like most electricity utilities organizations, the leading distribution network operator in Flanders also faces smart grid initiatives that will better support bi-directional electricity flows on the electricity distribution network. A new distribution management system requiring a higher degree of integrated processes and systems requires a robust solution. 

How iMind helped:

iMind helped shaping the integration solution between the Distribution Management processes with the existing Asset Management processes. Providing an effective and efficient solution not only provided full support for the core processes but also reduced the impact on integration efforts between several disparate IT systems.


Client: Leading Distribution (electricity and gas) Network Operator in Flanders, Belgium
Industry: Utilities
Project: Implementation of industry standard for Information Management 

Business challenge: 

The electricity industry is becoming more and more a smart industry, where challenges are faced by bi-directional power streams, green energy, regulations,... These challenges require a more efficient integration of disparate information systems. For this semantic integration, the leading distribution network operator wanted to implement IEC's industry standards 61970 and 61968.

How iMind helped:

iMind helped to implement these standards:

- Strategic alignment with other projects like the introduction of SOA
- Assuring buy-in throughout the organisation
- Building the process capability for CIM's model driven development approach
- Implementation of CIM in smart programs like 'Smart Grid' and 'Smart Metering' 
- Alignment of the integration effort between the new Distribution Management System and existing Asset Management Systems
- Increasing knowledge of the standards by training and coaching 



Client: Honda Motor Europe, Ltd.
Industry: Automotive
Project: Implementation of a 'Build-to-order' supply chain for automobiles 

Business challenge: 

The existing 'Build-to-stock' supply chain has become more and more a risk for EU business as competing brands already produced vehicles on a customer order basis. To mitigate the risks, Honda decided to transform the supply of vehicles to a build-to-order supply.

How iMind helped:

iMind successfully assisted in the transformation of the supply chain for automobiles to a 'Build-To-Order' business model.

iMind has taken responsibility for the business analysis of:

- Process improvement for 'Build-To-Order' track
- Process improvement for 'Estimated Time of Delvery' track


Client: Leading electricity Distribution Network Operator in Flanders, Belgium.
Industry: Utilities
Project: Implementation of information management 

Business challenge: 

Like most organizations, the leading distribution network operator in Flanders faces an overflow in information. To be able to organize and use this information to gain powerful insights, a sound approach is required. Information management structures and simplifies this information to make it usable for important decisions. 

How iMind helped:

iMind assisted in the implementation of information management at Flander's (Belgium) leading Distribution Network Operator. iMind contributed to the following:

- Introduction of an Enterprise Information Model for Asset Management, Financial Management and Operations.
- Leading information workshops to simplify the information landscape.
- Awareness, training and coaching of Business Information Analysts and Information Architects. 


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