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About Us

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19 Feb 12
Written by Super User

Who are we?

iMind bvba is a company founded in 2005. Our main focus is to support our customers in leveraging their growth and profit by providing management consulting services focussed on improvement, efficiency and effectiveness. 

Over the last couple of years, we have successfully supported our customers at improving their most-valuable enterprise assets, being processes and information, and by successfully managing customer projects. With iMind's no-nonsense approach, we value pragmatic approaches while using industry best practices to achieve results.

What is our mission?

iMind's mission is to be recognized as an organization that is excellent in providing efficient and effective solutions critical to the value chain of our customers and contributing to our customers goals.

iMind therefore believes we should be working at the cornerstone of changes within an organization by providing excellent services in business process management, information management and project management. iMind is convinced that striving for continuous improvement positively affects companies results.

What are our values?

Integrity and respect: we love mutual respect and put a lot of integrity in the work we do

Simplicity: we strive for simplicity in our solutions, while being efficient and effective, we hate adding to the complexity of today's environments

Passion: we are passionate about providing the best-fit solutions for each customer

Quality: if we wouldn't be able to deliver quality, iMind would not have a reason to exist